Ministop "Big Country Ma'am Soft Ice Cream Flavor"

As the second collaboration with Fujiya at Ministop, "Big Country Ma'am Soft Cream Flavor" born from the long-selling products of both companies will be released on November 23. The price is 129 yen (tax included).

Large country ma'am soft serve flavor

A dream collaboration product between Fujiya "Country Ma'am", a long-selling product released in 1984, and "Soft Cream Vanilla", a signboard product of Ministop since its establishment in 1980. It is a "big country ma'am" that is about 5 times the weight of regular products, and you can enjoy the "milky feeling" that is characteristic of Ministop's soft serve ice cream.

Ministop "Big Country Ma'am Soft Ice Cream Flavor"

Rich taste using condensed milk from Hokkaido. White chocolate chips with a gentle sweetness are added, and the soft-serve ice cream-like white is baked into an impressive cookie.

"Big country ma'am soft serve flavor" that you can enjoy your dream collaboration in big size. Perfect for coffee time at home, between work and study.