Kappa Sushi "Naughty salmon salmon roe"

At Kappa Sushi, the first of the new series "Seriously Sushi", "Naughty Salmon Ikura" will be on sale for a limited time from November 23rd to December 2nd. Limited to eating and drinking in the store (no take-out).

Naughty salmon salmon roe

Kappa Sushi has started the "Seriously Sushi" series, which has "surprise" and "playfulness" and realizes "delicious!" As the first step, "Naughty salmon salmon roe" will appear.

"Naughty salmon salmon roe" is a product inspired by the "Yokohama Landmark Tower" where Kappa Sushi is headquartered. Six pieces of salmon are piled up in a pyramid shape, and how much is scattered. The price is 330 yen (tax included) for 6 pieces.

Kappa Sushi "Naughty salmon salmon roe"

The salmon that we are proud of is carefully cut one by one in the store, and it is a product that is perfect for Kappa Sushi, which is not only "good to eat!" But also "fun to see!". When eating, it is recommended to take a picture and enjoy the powerful appearance.