Blue herbal tea "Lake Biwa Blue Tea"

The Lake Biwa Project Executive Committee for Sea Garbage Countermeasures will release a blue herbal tea "Biwako Blue Tea" using butterfly pea that does not use pesticide chemical fertilizers in collaboration with Japan Advanced Agri, which is headquartered in Shiga Prefecture, on November 26th. increase. It was developed as part of the marine debris countermeasure project "Sea and Japan Project CHANGE FOR THE BLUE" promoted by the Nippon Foundation. 2 tea bags x 3 bags, priced at 680 yen (tax included) per piece. Available at the sales site "Agri Seikatsu" and the roadside station "Asai Three Sisters' Township".

Lake Biwa Blue Tea

Butterfly pea is a leguminous plant native to Southeast Asia, rich in the polyphenol "anthocyanin", and is popular for beauty and health. "Lake Biwa Blue Tea" uses safe and secure butterfly pea cultivated by a contract farmer in Laos without using pesticide chemical fertilizer. The clear blue color, which is the image of beautiful Lake Biwa and the sea, and lemongrass are combined to create a refreshing taste. You can also enjoy the color change to purple or pink by adding lemon.