Thank you Mart "Barbapapa Gummy"

The second limited collaboration gummy series "Barbapapa Gummy" will be released sequentially from mid-November at each "Thank You Mart" shop, which costs 390 yen (429 yen including tax) for all items in the store.

Barbapapa Gummy

The thank-you mart limited collaboration gummy series is a product series originally planned by thank-you mart and collaborated with popular characters. The first collaborative gummy with "Irasutoya" released in May this year is a gummy with four face shapes such as dog, rabbit, cat, and bear. The firm fruit taste and elastic chewy texture have become a hot topic, and it is a popular product that has sold more than 20,000 units in about half a year since its release.

Collaboration Gumi with Thank You Mart "Irasutoya"

The new "Barbapapa Gummy" is a collaboration gummy with the popular character "Barbapapa" who celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2020. The lineup includes 3 types and 6 flavors of "Grape Soda & Orange Soda", "Melon Cream Soda & Cream Soda", and "Apple Soda & White Soda". It features a faint fruity aroma and a refreshing sweetness like a soda drink, and you can enjoy an elastic texture with a moderate hardness that makes you addicted once you eat it.

Thank you Mart "Barbapapa Gummy"

The three-dimensional gummy candies in the shape of hearts, stars, butterflies, and flowers are cute, and each flavor has a different color, so you can be happy just by looking at them. The tax-included price is 421 yen for 2 dolls (only sweets for 2 dolls can be combined freely).

Thank you Mart "Barbapapa Gummy"

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