Popolamama Founding Festival 2021

At Popolamama, "Foundation Festival 2021" will be held, offering 3 popular products at a price of up to 42% off. "Salad spinach and hanging bacon soy sauce" "Iodine egg / light and hanging bacon carbonara" "Authentic Bolognese" is the target. Also, step-up coupons will be distributed.

Popolamama Founding Festival 2021

Founding Festival 2021 is limited to 2 days from December 3rd to 4th. Although the recipes and ingredients have changed since the company was founded, the menu still exists, and the three standard products that are still popular are offered at reasonable prices. The lineup is as follows.

・ Salad spinach and hanging bacon soy sauce Regular price 680 yen → 390 yen ・ Iodine egg ・ Light and hanging bacon carbonara Regular price 830 yen → 490 yen ・ Authentic Bolognese regular price 830 yen → 490 yen

* To go products and various delivery services are not eligible for discounts.

Step-up coupon

Also, during the three days from December 3rd to 5th, you can use one coupon for each visit, and you can use it three times from the next time onwards, and the more you use it, the more you will get a step-up coupon. The step-up coupon is a discount coupon that is 5% off from the accounting amount when used for the first time → 10% off for the second time → 20% off for the third time.