Morinaga Amazake "Strawberry Amazake"

"Strawberry Amazake" will be released from Morinaga & Co.'s "Morinaga Amazake" series. It will be available nationwide from November 24th. It will end as soon as it runs out. Contents 190ml. The estimated price is 135 yen (tax included).

Morinaga Amazake Strawberry Amazake

A well-balanced blend of lees and rice jiuqu selected by Morinaga & Co., and a limited-time flavor with strawberry juice added. It is said to have been tailored to a quality that is easy to drink even for those who are new to amazake with a fluffy strawberry flavor. Fruit juice 3%.

In addition, the package has adopted a collaboration design with Sanrio's popular character "Hello Kitty". Morinaga Amazake and Hello Kitty were born in 1974. This time, the Morinaga Amazake logo was changed for the first time in 47 years, and as the brand was renewed, a collaboration with Hello Kitty was decided so that people could feel more familiar with it. It is said to be a cute dish suitable for Christmas and New Year, which is suitable for this season when the demand for amazake is at its peak.