"Tarakoto Ooba Coleslaw Salad" Recipe

Here are three "coleslaw recipes" that the En-eating editorial department actually made and found to be delicious. "Chinese cabbage and corn coleslaw salad" and "Tara and perilla coleslaw salad". * Click each recipe name link to jump to the detailed recipe article.

Coleslaw salad with perilla and perilla

Introducing the " Tatara and Perilla Coleslaw Salad " recipe with tatara and perilla. It has a rich flavor with the umami of cod, the richness of mayonnaise, the freshness of perilla and the aroma of white sesame.

"Tarakoto Ooba Coleslaw Salad" Recipe

Chinese cabbage and corn coleslaw salad

Introducing the recipe of " Chinese cabbage and corn coleslaw salad " that combines Chinese cabbage and corn. The refreshing freshness of Chinese cabbage and the sweetness of corn are wrapped in the mellow richness of mayonnaise, and the taste of chopsticks advances.

Recipe for "Chinese cabbage and corn coleslaw salad"

Kentucky-style coleslaw salad

The crispy and refreshing texture, the richness of mayonnaise and the acidity of lemon juice, and the slightly sweetness of honey. A " Kentucky-style coleslaw salad " recipe with a light spring flavor. As time goes by, the water will come out, so it is recommended to add the seasoning just before eating.

"Kentucky-style coleslaw salad" recipe