Cafe Comsa "Mango Rose and Pear Shortcake"

"Mango Rose and Pear Shortcake" and "Apple Rose and Strawberry Shortcake" will be on sale from "Cafe Comsa". The sale period is limited to 3 days from November 21st to 23rd.

At Cafe Comsa, the 22nd of every month is designated as "Shortcake Day". It was decided because there are 15 days above the 22nd on the calendar, and the strawberry (15th) is on the 22nd. This month, two types of shortcakes with beautiful fruit-made roses will be released to coincide with "Good Couple Day" on November 22nd.

Mango rose and pear shortcake

A combination of beautiful roses bloomed with mango and pears. Excellent compatibility with caramel cream. The price is 1,200 yen per piece (tax included, same below).

Cafe Comsa "Mango Rose and Pear Shortcake"

Apple rose and strawberry shortcake

The roses and strawberries that bloomed beautifully with sweet and sour baked apples were decorated with plenty. You can enjoy it with raspberry cream. One piece is 1,200 yen.

Cafe Comsa "Apple Rose and Strawberry Shortcake"

* Prices are different at the Ginza store.
* The contents of the development may be further changed depending on the arrival status of fruits.