Maison Cacao 2021 Christmas Sweets

MAISON CACAO will sell the 2021 Christmas sweets from November 24th. "Aroma raw chocolate NOEL" "Rich raw chocolate tart Amaou" "Raw gateau chocolate NOEL" "MAISON CACAO Christmas Edition" lineup. Limited time until December 25th, it will end as soon as it is sold out.

Aroma raw chocolate NOEL

Maison Cacao "Aroma Pavé Chocolate NOEL"

Christmas-only aroma pavé chocolate made with Fukuoka's Amaou strawberries. The base is gorgeous and refreshing white chocolate made only with pure cocoa butter that has been carefully fermented and extracted after harvesting. The grains are round and large, and the Amaou strawberry, which is particular about the balance of sweetness and sourness, has a tightly condensed taste. To bring out its charm, it is finished without adding extra sweetness. You can enjoy the sweetness and aroma of Amaou that spreads gently. Sold at all stores. The price is 2,592 yen (tax included, same below).

Rich raw chocolate tart Amaou

Maison Cacao "Rich Raw Chocolate Tart Amaou"

A crispy hand-baked tart with plenty of sweet and sour raw chocolate sauce mixed with white chocolate. Below is a rich puree of strawberry. You can enjoy a crispy, mellow, crispy texture. Sold at all stores except BANK. The price is 2,160 yen.

Raw gateau chocolate NOEL

Maison Cacao "Raw Gateau Chocolate NOEL"

A Christmas-only package is now available from the signature product, Raw Gateau Chocolate. You can choose your favorite from 3 types of red, green and white. The contents are a rich chocolate cake baked without using flour, with carefully selected bitter chocolate as the main character. With exquisite roasting, you can enjoy a refreshing outside and a soft and rare texture inside. Sold at all stores. The price is 2,700 yen.

MAISON CACAO Christmas Edition

Maison Cacao "MAISON CACAO Christmas Edition"

A special box containing 1 box of "Aroma Raw Chocolate NOEL", 1 box of "Raw Gateau Chocolate", and 2 boxes of "Rich Raw Chocolate Tart Amaou", which are limited to Christmas. Sold at all stores except BANK. The price is 7,020 yen.