KALDI Coffee Farm "Blue Garlic Chili Oil Green Pepper"

"Blue garlic oil and green pepper" that overturns the image of chili oil = red is on sale at KALDI Coffee Farm. I bought it because of its unique appearance, but when I tried it, I was very satisfied with the taste!

Blue garlic chili oil green pepper

A versatile seasoning that exquisitely combines garlic, green pepper, sesame, wasabi greens, etc. At first glance, it features a refreshing green that you don't think is chili oil. The content is 120g and the price is 405 yen (tax included).

KALDI Coffee Farm "Blue Garlic Chili Oil Green Pepper"

First, top it with a salad topped with steamed chicken. The moment you put it in your mouth, the garlic-like scent feels like it's crazy! The more you chew, the more salty and delicious it spreads, and the taste is perfectly determined without the need for other seasonings. It's chili oil, but it's not too spicy, and the slightly spicy taste of green pepper and wasabi greens is behind it.

Salad with KALDI coffee farm "blue garlic chili oil green pepper"

Just sprinkle "blue garlic chili oil green pepper" on the light tofu for a punchy taste. The richness of the oil, the taste of garlic, and the aroma of sesame change to entertain the tongue. The garlic has a moist texture, so in a good way it blends in without disturbing the ingredients.

KALDI Coffee Farm "Blue Garlic Chili Oil Green Pepper"

Of course, it is delicious even if you put it on white rice, and it is also recommended to change the usual dumpling chili oil to this. Once you eat it, you'll definitely want to spend it on everything!