Qu'il fait bon "canned cookie"

At each Qu'il fait bon store, a new product "canned cookie" with an original design commemorating the 30th anniversary will be on sale from November 22nd. The price is 2,376 yen (tax included) per piece.

Qu'il fait bon "canned cookie"

Qu'il fait bon "canned cookie"

Qu'il fait bon The first cookie can of Qu'il fait bon, which is filled with various flavors such as plain, chocolate, fruit flavored cookies and meringue that melts in the mouth, in a can of original design that feels nostalgic in blue and white. It is a perfect product for tea time friends and gifts. The size is 13.5 x 9.5 x 4.8 cm.

Qu'il fait bon "canned cookie"

The list of contents is as follows.

Vanilla almonds

Almond and vanilla squeezed cookies.


Crispy light cookies and orange-flavored nougat.

Coffee meringue

A coffee-flavored meringue that melts in your mouth.

Lemon meringue

A crispy, light lemon-flavored meringue.


A lightly baked cookie with the saltiness of Edam cheese.

Raspberry cocoa

Sweet and sour raspberry and cocoa squeezed cookies.

Lychee raspberries

Fruity cookies with lychee and raspberries.


Vanilla-flavored plain cookies.

* Not sold at online stores.