Kameya Mannendo "Navona" renewal
(The source of the image is the official website of Kameya Mannendo)

It was announced on the official website that Kameya Mannendo's sweets "Navona" have been renewed. Seasonal "Navona Chocolat Orange" and classic "Navona Cheese Cream" and "Navona Pineapple Cream" are on sale from November 18th.

In order to make the dough softer and fluffier than before, the raw material flour has been selected and the manufacturing method has been renewed. By keeping the agitation to a minimum, the stickiness of the flour is suppressed and the goodness of the flour is increased. In addition, the cream is finished with a smooth and gentle texture to match the dough, and the texture has been changed. Based on a questionnaire survey, the package is based on the image of the green road in Jiyugaoka, Tokyo, where Kameya Mannendo was founded, and is finished in a design that emphasizes friendliness and newness.

Nabona Chocolat Orange

The seasonal "Navona Chocolat Orange" is a combination of soft and sweet chocolate dough and fragrant sweet and sour marmalade jam. The selling price is 162 yen per piece (tax included, same below).

Nabona cheese cream

It is said that "Navona Cheese Cream" is made by enlarging the cheese of the cream to give it a more cheese-like taste. The selling price is 162 yen per piece.

Nabona pineapple cream

The classic "Navona Pineapple Cream" is also more fruity with more cream pineapple pulp. It is devised so that the refreshing acidity spreads throughout the mouth and you can get the satisfaction of eating the fruit. The selling price is 162 yen per piece.

Both are available at 29 direct sales stores in Tokyo and Kanagawa and official online shops.