FamilyMart "Mont Blanc Dora"

Check out all three new sweets sold by FamilyMart (Famima)! "Mont Blanc Dora", "Tea Tiramisu", "Dark Grape Pione 0". * Click each product name link to jump to the detailed article page.

Montblanc Dora

I tried " Mont Blanc Dora " from FamilyMart (Famima). A dish with a smooth marron-flavored whipped cream accented with crushed pieces of chestnut kanro-ni. The chewy dough has a slight sweetness, and as you continue to eat, a smooth whipped cream spreads from the inside.

FamilyMart "Mont Blanc Dora"

Tea tiramisu

I tried FamilyMart's (Famima) cup dessert " Tea Tiramisu ". A dish where you can enjoy the flavor of black tea reminiscent of citrus and the rich mousse. The mousse with mascarpone is rich and familiar with the aroma of black tea. The moist sponge hidden underneath also exudes the flavor of black tea along with the sweetness, which is exactly what makes black tea.

FamilyMart "Tea Tiramisu"

Dark grape pione 0

I tried the family mart (Famima) limited jelly " Dark Grape Pione 0 ". It is a dish that you can enjoy the texture of grape juice and aloe. The solid aloe and the thick jelly have a good contrast. If you taste both at the same time, the whole will feel like a big grape fruit.

FamilyMart "Dark Grape Pione 0"