Naruki Ishii official website "Naruki Ishii desica cacao content 72% couverture chocolate tiramisu roll"
(The source of the image is Seijo Ishii official blog)

Naruki Ishii's new original sweets "Naruki Ishii desica cacao 72% couverture chocolate tiramisu roll" is introduced on the official blog. The selling price is 1,178 yen (tax included) per bottle.

Naruki Ishii desica Cacao content 72% Couverture chocolate tiramisu roll

A roll cake wrapped with tiramisu cream in a fluffy cocoa souffle dough. Hokkaido mascarpone is used for the cream, and it has a rich yet refreshing taste. It is adjusted so that you can enjoy the taste of the cream itself.

Tiramisu cream is also squeezed on the dough, and coffee syrup is applied between them to spread the aroma of coffee when you eat it. On top of that, raw chocolate ganache made from couverture chocolate imported directly from France is also squeezed, adding an accent to the cacao-flavored and gentle sweetness roll cake.

Espresso powder and cocoa powder are sprinkled on the finish to create a combination of sweetness and bittersweet taste. It is recommended to taste it with warm milk as well as coffee.