Collaboration with "Cocos Lucky Bag" ROOTOTE

Reservations for "Cocos Lucky Bags" in collaboration with "ROOTOTE", a brand specializing in tote bags, will start on November 25th at each Coco's store (finished as soon as they run out). Pre-order from the leaflet in front of the cash register at the store. The pick-up period is from January 1st to 10th, 2022.

Coco's lucky bag

The concept is "a lucky bag that carries happiness." The tote bag contains Coco's meal vouchers, original tea leaves, and original hand towels. The price is 3,300 yen (tax included). You can purchase up to 3 per person.

Lutoto collaboration original tote bag

Navy corduroy-style fabric with a cute original design with coco's dishes and dessert illustrations on the lining. We are particular about functionality, and the back side has a roux pocket unique to ROOTOTE. With a gusset that fits securely, a 500 ml PET bottle can fit comfortably next to it. The size is W22 x D11 x H16 cm.

"Cocos lucky bag" Lutoto collaboration original tote bag

Coco's meal coupon

A meal coupon for 3,300 yen (550 yen ticket x 6) that can be used at Coco's nationwide. The expiration date is from January 1st to June 30th, 2022. * One coupon can be used for each meal.

"Cocos lucky bag" meal coupon

Original tea leaves

Contains about 20 cups of Coco's original "Earl Gray" and "Darjeeling" (50g each). You can fully enjoy the deliciousness of Coco's Fair Trade tea leaves at home in a teapot.

"Cocos lucky bag" original tea leaves

Original hand towel

Like the lining of the tote bag, this hand towel has an original design with cute illustrations of Coco's dishes and desserts. Compact size (W20 x H20 cm) that is not bulky even if you put it in a small bag.

"Cocos lucky bag" original hand towel