Neko Neko Cheesecake "Nikukyu Madeleine" Renewal

The renewed "Nikukyu Madeleine" is on sale from the cheesecake specialty store "Neko Neko Cheesecake". The price is 280 yen (tax included) per piece.

Nikukyu Madeleine

"Nikukyu Madeleine" is a cute baked confectionery with a cat's paw motif. The baked confectionery, which has become a staple of Neko Neko cheesecake, has been renewed to be even more delicious.

Neko Neko Cheesecake "Nikukyu Madeleine" Renewal

The combination of melted butter and honey has been reviewed to give it a soft and gentle texture. In addition, by adding "Setouchi Lemon Peel", it is more refreshing than before. With the scent of lemon that spreads the moment you put it in your mouth, you will never get tired of it no matter how many you eat. It is a madeleine madeleine that has become even more delicious.

With the product renewal, the packaging has also been renewed. From a simple package to a cute design with cat shapes and paw illustrations. By putting it in the tray, it is easy to put it in the bag and it is easy to carry.