Pastel "Tamako Pudding"

From Pastel, the popular dessert "Tamako Purin", which is on sale in November 2021, is gaining popularity and will be extended until December 13, 2021. The price is 540 yen (tax included) per piece.

Tamako pudding

"Tamako Pudding" was born in May 2021 on the occasion of the first anniversary of the birth of the pastel original character "Puri Nyan". Sales of sweets that look cute and have become puddings from the chick "Tamako" that is always with Purinyan have been extended.

It's so cute that it makes you smile at first glance. The cuteness stands out even more when they are lined up in a row. "Tamako Pudding", which looks lovely, has sold a total of about 30,000 units since the beginning of sales. Not only the cuteness of the appearance but also the taste is authentic. This product is confidently recommended by pastel, which can be said to be the "originator" of smooth pudding.

Pastel "Tamako Pudding"

Vanilla mousse is layered on the pastel signboard product "Smooth Pudding", which allows you to enjoy a milky taste and a smooth texture by using fresh cream and egg yolk. You can enjoy the melting texture and richness of "smooth pudding", and the fluffy texture and gentle taste of vanilla mousse is a perfect match.

* Some stores are not available