Oenon "Ponzu Sour"

Can Chu-Hi "Ponzu Sour" will be released from the Oenon Group's joint sake spirit. It is said that you can enjoy the refreshing taste and aroma of Mizkan's "ponzu". From November 30th, it will be available at some Lawson and Natural Lawson nationwide. 350ml (11.83us fl oz) can, open price.

Ponzu sour

A refreshing mouthpiece with Mizkan ponzu added to the carbonated water of shochu, sugar-free chu-hi characterized by the refreshing aroma of citrus juice and the sourness that makes it addictive. The refreshing taste that is not sweet is easy to match with meals and is said to be suitable for sake during meals. Alcohol content is 5%.

Mitsukan's ponzu, which has a simple taste of citrus juice and brewed vinegar, has been a long-selling product since 1960. Recently, sour using ponzu is becoming more popular in restaurants, so you can easily enjoy it at home. Chuhai was made.

The package is based on green with the image of Mizkan's ponzu label, and has illustrations of ponzu and ponzu sour. On the back side, there is a description of ponzu so that you can learn about the taste and history.