"C1000 Vitamin Lemon Green Lemonade Flavor" C1000 Vitamin Lemon 30th Anniversary

House Wellness Foods will release "C1000 Vitamin Lemon Green Lemonade Flavor" on November 29th. The content is 140 ml and the price is 115 yen (excluding tax).

C1000 Vitamin Lemon Green Lemonade Flavor

"C1000 Vitamin Lemon Green Lemonade Flavor" is a carbonated drink with a refreshing flavor like early-picked lemon. Contains 1,000 mg of vitamin C for 50 lemons (equivalent to fruit juice). Less than 10% fruit juice.

C1000 Vitamin Lemon

Vitamin C, which is indispensable for daily life, can be taken "always, deliciously, and easily". With that in mind, the "C1000" brand was born in 1990, following the trend of the "Plussy" released in 1958. The following day, February 6, 1991, the main item "C1000 Vitamin Lemon" was launched, and this year marks the 30th anniversary.