Sheraton Miyako Hotel Osaka "Zodiac Sweets ~ Tora ~"

Reservations for "Zodiac Sweets ~ Tora ~" have started at Sheraton Miyako Hotel Osaka Cafe & Gourmet Shop Cafe Bell. The reservation period is until January 7, 2022. The delivery period is from December 31, 2021 to January 10, 2022. The size is 15 cm in diameter. The price is 4,500 yen (tax included). Limited quantity.

Zodiac sweets ~ Tora ~

"Zodiac Sweets ~ Tora ~" is an elegant sweet whose bittersweet chocolate enhances the refreshing sweetness of mango mousse. Chocolate sponge cake, jelly with mango pulp, chocolate mousse, and mango mousse are layered, and chocolate is sprayed on the surface of the cake to express the fur of a tiger. When you cut the cake, the striped pattern on the cross section is reminiscent of a tiger pattern. This sweet is recommended as a New Year's souvenir for the New Year's dining table where families and relatives gather.

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* The number is limited. Please apply as soon as possible.
* Business days and hours are subject to change. Please check the homepage for details.