Tohato "All Azuki Milk"

"All Azuki Milk" will be released as a new flavor from Tohato's baked confectionery "All Raison" series. It will be available nationwide from November 22nd. With 12 pieces, the estimated price is 188 yen (tax included).

Tohato All Azuki Milk

All raisins are made from a dough with a thickness of about 10 cm, which is sandwiched with plenty of material, compressed by our own technology, stretched thinly to about 2 to 3 mm, and then baked to a moist and unique texture. The baked product is about 1 cm.

In addition to this, the all-Azuki milk this time is a cookie dough with a mellow milk taste using condensed milk from Hokkaido, and azuki beans that have been carefully simmered with the skin and have a moist texture are sandwiched and thinned tightly. It is baked.

It is announced that you can enjoy the taste of plenty of azuki beans and mellow milk. Calories are 32 kcal per sheet. Milk solid content 3.3%, sweetened milk from Hokkaido 1.7%. It is individually wrapped in 2 pieces, which is convenient for storage and carrying, and can be easily enjoyed in various situations.