Fujiya "Home Pie Mini (Wasa Beef Flavor)"

Fujiya will release "Home Pai Mini (Wasa Beef Flavor)" in collaboration with Yamayoshi Seika on November 30th. Available at convenience stores and transportation route shops. The content is 41g (1.45oz) and the estimated price is 135 yen (tax included).

Home pie mini (wasa beef flavor)

A surprising but addictive collaboration between Fujiya's long-selling product "Home Pie" and Yamayoshi Seika's signature product "Wasa Beef". This collaboration was realized because of the consensus of "I want to release products that young people can pick up."

"Home pie" reproduces the taste of "wasabi", which makes the flavor of tsundere and wasabi and the taste of beef addictive. Wasa beef powder supervised by Yamayoshi Seika is wrapped in a bite-sized home pie, and you can easily enjoy it as a snack. Since home pie is originally sweet, it is difficult to balance it with the savory flavor of wasabi and the umami of beef, so it was made by adjusting it many times.

Fujiya "Home Pie Mini (Wasa Beef Flavor)"

Wasa beef

Long-selling potato chips released in 1987. The combination of the flavor of tsundere and wasabi and the rich flavor of beef is a addictive taste.