Kameda Seika "70g mentaiko"

Kameda Seika will sell "70g (2.47oz) mentaiko" at supermarkets nationwide from November 29th to the end of December. The estimated price is around 200 yen (excluding tax).

70g (2.47oz) mentaiko

"Tsu no Mentaiko" is now available from the "Tsu Series", a material-based chip that concentrates the flavor of the ingredients. Made from 100% Hakata Mentaiko, which is characterized by its rich and rich flavor. The rich and rich taste is maximized by the original manufacturing method of kneading Hakata Mentaiko raw into the dough.

Because it is baked hard, the taste of the material lasts as you chew. You can enjoy the luxurious taste of Hakata Mentaiko.

"Tsu no Mentaiko" is an ECO package that is friendly to people and the environment. We are aiming to change to ECO packaging for all products by 2030 by improving packaging technology such as eliminating plastic trays and reducing the amount of plastic used in consideration of the environment.

Tsu series

Material chips using carefully selected materials. The design has been redesigned with a glass of beer in the background, making it perfect as a snack for sake. In addition to the "Tsu no Mentaiko" that appears this time, "Tsu no Eda Bean" and "Tsu no Yaki Shrimp" are also available.

Kameda Seika "Tsu no Eda Beans" and "Tsu no Yaki Shrimp"