Hamazushi “Kanemedai / Nodoguro 100 Yen Festival”

At Hamazushi, the fair "Kanemedai / Nodoguro 100 Yen Festival" will be held from November 18th. "Kanemedai", "Grilled Nodoguro", "Large Cut! Tuna Harami", "Large Grain! Aomori Prefecture Hotate Grilled Salt Lemon", and "Hon-Sushi Kamatoro Grip" are on sale.

Kinmedai / Nodoguro 100 Yen Festival

Hamazushi “Kanemedai / Nodoguro 100 Yen Festival”

At the "Kanemedai / Nodoguro 100 Yen Festival", the high-class fish "Kanemedai", which has an exquisite sweetness, and the "white meat toro", which is also called "white meat toro", has a special price including tax for a limited time. It will be offered for 110 yen.

In addition, "Okiri! Tuna Harami" (165 yen including tax), which provides tuna shavings that can only be taken from a single tuna by a few percent, is roasted to condense the taste of scallops and enhance the sweetness with salt lemon. Large grain! Scallop roasted salt lemon from Aomori prefecture "(110 yen including tax) will also be on sale. In addition, "Honjo Kamatoro Grip" (308 yen including tax), which uses a rare part that can be taken less than 1% from one tuna, will be released on November 25th.

At the same time, the popular "Rare Steak Grip" will be added to the standard menu from this time.