LB "Moctel Cassis Orange Taste"

LB will sell a cocktail-like soft drink "Moctel Cassis Orange Taste" from November 16th. Handled at convenience stores nationwide except Okinawa Prefecture. The price is 150 yen (tax included) for a 450 ml paper pack.

Moctel Cassis Orange Taste

Mocktel is a coined word that combines "mock" and "cocktail" to imitate and imitate. This is LB's first attempt at a cocktail-style beverage.

Paper carton chilled products are cooled to 10 ° C (50 ° F) or less immediately after they are manufactured, and the temperature is thoroughly controlled from delivery to the hands of the purchaser, so they have a deep taste without spoiling the flavor and aroma. You can enjoy. Furthermore, "Moctel Cassis Orange Taste" expresses the complex flavor and richness of a full-fledged cocktail while being a soft drink by using LB's original technology "Virtual Cocktail Manufacturing Method". You can enjoy the unique taste of paper carton beverages in pursuit of the fresh aroma and taste of fruit juice.

* This product uses brandy for the purpose of flavoring. Please be careful for children, those who are vulnerable to alcohol, pregnant women / lactating women, and driving.