Domino's Pizza "Back Domino's Covered Series"

From Domino's Pizza, as the 4th "Ura Domino" with a customized standard menu, a total of 8 "Ura Domino's Covered Series" with toppings that are 6 times the normal amount and "covered" are now available. It will be on sale for a limited time from November 15th to December 12th. Also, since the amount of toppings is large and it spills when eating, one set of "original chopsticks with domino pizza logo" is included as a novelty.

Back domino / covered series

It was developed based on the voice of SNS from customers, "I want to eat popular toppings to my heart's content." We conducted a questionnaire about "Pizza's favorite toppings", and based on the results, we repeated trial and error to complete 6 types and 8 items of "Ura Domino / Covered Series" with toppings of ingredients that could be covered. ..

Domino's Pizza "Back Domino's Covered Series"

Popular meat toppings "smoked bacon" "pancetta" "coarsely ground sausage" "Italian sausage" and popular vegetable toppings "corn" and "garlic" are topped with 6 times more than usual "coarsely ground sausage covered", " There are 6 types of "covered" pizzas, "covered with bacon", "covered with Italian sausage", "covered with pancetta", "covered with garlic", and "covered with corn". In addition, two types of quattro, "4 kinds of meat-covered quattro" for meat lovers and "meat and vegetable-covered quattro" that can eat both meat and vegetables, are added to make a total of 8 dishes. Will be sold.

Prices start at 1,500 yen for take-out M size and 3,000 yen for delivery of "4 kinds of meat-covered quattro", "meat and vegetable-covered quattro", "bacon-covered", "pancetta-covered", and "coarse-ground sausage-covered". "Italian sausage covered" is M size takeaway from 1,300 yen, delivery from 2,600 yen. "Corn-covered" and "garlic-covered" are M size take-out from 1,150 yen and delivery from 2,300 yen.

Original chopsticks with domino pizza logo

"Original chopsticks with Domino's Pizza logo" will be included as a novelty so that you can enjoy this "Back Domino Covered Series" without hesitation. By using these chopsticks, you will not be impatient even if the toppings spill, and you can eat all the spilled ingredients.

Domino's Pizza "Back Domino's Covered Series"