Sunny Hills "First Apple Cake"

At each store and event of the Taiwan-born sweets brand "Sunny Hills", "First Apple Cake" using apples freshly harvested in October will be on sale from November 20th. The price is 1,500 yen for 5 pieces and 3,000 yen for 10 pieces (tax included).

First apple cake

Sunny Hills apple cake made from Aomori prefecture's Jonathan apple has grown into a standard product that can be said to be a double sign with pineapple cake since it was released only in Japan in 2018. It is now a staple in Taiwan and is a popular cake made with Japanese fruits.

Sunny Hills "First Apple Cake"

Jonathan apples grown in the cool area of the foot of Mt. Iwaki, where the temperature difference is large between day and night, are characterized by their tight fruit, refreshing acidity and sweetness, and crunchy texture. A lot of crimson jewel-like apples carefully grown on a vast farm were harvested this year as well.

Aomori apple farmer

Jonathan apples harvested this fall are used abundantly in the "first apple cake". Jonathan apples are made by Sunny Hills' original method, and are reborn as a chewy filling that retains the original acidity and aroma of the fruit without adding any extra fragrances. Wrapped in a cookie dough that combines fresh brand eggs, fermented butter from France Flechard, and flour made in Japan, each one is carefully baked.