"Fried Chicken Day Card" Limited quantity with Kentucky Fried Chicken

In Kentucky Fried Chicken, a limited number of "Fried Chicken Day Cards" will be distributed. The distribution period is from November 19th to November 23rd. It will end as soon as it runs out.

Japan KFC opened its first store, "Meisei Store" on November 21, 1970, and has been providing "original chicken" that the founder Colonel Sanders is proud of for more than 50 years. At KFC Japan, the opening date of the first store was registered as "Fried Chicken Day", reconfirming the kernel's "stickiness to fried chicken", and many people cooked "original chicken" with all their heart. It is a day to thank you for eating it.

Fried chicken day card

This year, we produced "Fried Chicken Day Card" with the theme of "Trivia that makes you want to talk to someone unintentionally". If you use KFC during the period, you will receive one random gift from four types. If you hear a surprised voice, "Hey!", Please use it for conversations with your family and friends.

* Some stores do not distribute.
* Some stores may change their business hours or be closed according to the policies of each local government.