Francais Omotesando Main Store "France Pannier Pistachio"

"Franse Pannier Pistachio" will be on sale on November 15th at the Francais Omotesando Main Store. In addition to being eaten at the attached cafe, you can also To go (refrigerated products required). The price is 648 yen (tax included) per piece.

Francais Pannier Pistachio

A new flavor of the popular "Franse Pannier" is available for a limited time. The pistachio-flavored cream is a blend of Hokkaido cream with mascarpone and pistachio paste. It has a rich and rich taste that is irresistible for pistachio lovers.

"Pannier", which means ballet skirt, is characterized by thin fabrics that are layered on top of each other. Creates a layer of soft air and gently wraps the cream. Using French butter, the puff pastry uses a reverse folding method called feuilletage inverse. Contrary to the usual pie dough manufacturing method of wrapping butter with flour, you can enjoy the texture of the crispy pie that is made by wrapping the flour with butter.


A Western confectionery brand that enjoys "fruits" and "nuts". Including the classic millefeuille, sweets that pursue deliciousness by sticking to the ingredients and manufacturing method are being developed.

Francais Omotesando Main Store