Sankt Gallen "Apple Cinnamon Ale" Christmas Limited Label

Sankt Gallen released a Christmas-only label for the apple pie-inspired beer "Apple Cinnamon Ale" on November 12th. The bottle content is 330 ml, and the estimated price is 506 yen (tax included).

Apple cinnamon ale

The apples used in Apple Cinnamon Ale are "wounded apples" from Ina City, Nagano Prefecture. We buy fruits that are not for sale as regular products and process them into beer, such as being shaken by the wind and rubbing against branches with scratches and cracks, and variations in color and shape (size). Effective use of "wounded apples" leads to reduction of food loss and contributes to the achievement of SDGs.

Beer starts with about 500 apples being made into baked apples by renting an oven at a bakery in Atsugi. It takes one day to bake apples and the next day to prepare beer.

Grilled apples from Sankt Gallen "Apple Cinnamon Ale"

The base is an amber beer that uses lightly charred malt "caramel malt". This malt has a sweet and savory taste like caramel sauce, which gives beer a similar flavor. The flavor combined with the flavor of auxiliary ingredients such as grilled apples makes it taste like an apple pie.

Sankt Gallen "Apple Cinnamon Ale" Christmas Limited Label

The label is designed with the message "Merry Christmas" along with an illustration of Santa Claus pulling a big apple. It is also recommended for Christmas gifts.

Bottles are sold at official online shops, Keio Department Store Shinjuku, Kitano Ace (some stores), etc. * It may be a regular label instead of a Christmas label.