From "Little Twin Stars Yumekawa Picnic" Re-Ment
(The image is quoted from the official website)

Re-Ment will release a miniature figure "Little Twin Stars Yumekawa Picnic" on November 22nd. The price is 700 yen (excluding tax). The contents are random.

Little Twin Stars Yumekawa Picnic

"Little Twin Stars Yumekawa Picnic" is a miniature product of Little Twin Stars with the theme of "fashionable and cute picnic". There are many cute items such as baskets, umbrellas, and shoes. There are 8 types of items. The set includes a figure, a mini seat, and gum (1 piece).

1 Favorite basket
2 Dress up with a boater
3 How about handmade muffins?
4 I've picked flowers!
5 Enjoy the star pie
6 Refreshing with glitter drink ★
7 Tea time in the shade of a tree
8 Special sweets

"Little Twin Stars Yumekawa Picnic" is a must-have for Little Twin Stars fans and Sanrio character fans. It would be fun to take a picture with your own figure or stuffed animal.

* The official name is a heart symbol between "Yume" and "Kawa".