Bourbon "Sharimoni Gummy Yogurt Flavor"

From Bourbon, "Sharimoni Gummy Yogurt Flavor" will be released as a soft gummy that has both chewy texture and softness. From November 16th, it will be available at convenience stores, mass retailers, drug stores, retail stores, shops, etc. It is an open price.

Gummy yogurt flavor

In Bourbon, you can eat "Fettuccine Gummy", which has a long-standing "al dente bouncy chewy texture", "Gummy Mozzarella", which has a chewy texture like mozzarella cheese, and "Purupugumi", which has a plump pulp texture. A series of gummy candies with a unique texture has been developed, but this time it is a new work that is "sharimoni".

The soft gummy, which has a chewy texture even in its softness, is covered with a crispy powder that has a nice texture. Tailored to enjoy the sweetness of yogurt and the refreshing acidity with a mysterious texture that is "smoothly". No dairy ingredients are used, and yogurt flavor is added. The content is 57g (2.01oz) and the expiration date is 8 months.