NewDays "Feeling Golden Tochigi Wagyu (using Tochigi's Star Rice)"

Onigiri "Kogane Tochigi Wagyu (using Tochigi no Hoshi rice)" using the original variety rice "Tochigi no Hoshi" from Tochigi prefecture will appear in NewDays and NewDays KIOSK. It will be available for a limited time from November 16th to December 6th. The selling price is 240 yen (tax included).

Discerning golden Tochigi Wagyu beef (using Tochigi's star rice)

NewDays "Feeling Golden Tochigi Wagyu (using Tochigi's Star Rice)"

A new item from the private brand rice ball "Kogane" series. This time, in addition to using Tochigi Prefecture's original varieties of rice Tochigi no Hoshi for all of the regular lineup of the discerning golden series, rice balls with Tochigi Prefecture brand beef "Tochigi Wagyu" wrapped in the filling were prepared.

Tochigi no Hoshi was named with the expectation that it would survive various disasters and become a brilliant Tochigi star. In summer in Tochigi prefecture, hot days continue to exceed 30 degrees Celsius during the day, and the temperature drops at night, making it easier to spend, and it is said that the "day-night temperature difference", which is a condition for producing delicious rice, is satisfied.

It is explained that this temperature difference is largely related to Tochigi Prefecture's famous lightning. Utsunomiya City, which is the center of the prefecture, is thundered so much that it is called "Thunder City", and most of it is concentrated in summer. It is said that the night temperature will drop thanks to the evening sun accompanied by lightning.

Tochigi no Hoshi, which is made in such an environment, has a high taste in warm rice and contains a lot of umami ingredients. In addition, cold rice has a good taste and stickiness, and it is said that the more you chew it in your mouth, the more it loosens, and you can enjoy the sticky and elastic texture.

It is a variety that is also suitable for rice balls because it is large and has a rich sweetness, the grains are firm even after cooking rice, and it is delicious even when cooled.