Mini Sof "Taiwan Honey Potato Brulee Soft Cream"

"Taiwan honey imo brulee soft serve" and "Nomu Taiwan honey imo" will be on sale at Ministop's soft serve ice cream specialty store Minisof. Sold from November 12th.

Taiwan honey potato brulee soft serve

A new product that combines "Taiwan honey potato soft serve" and "Crème Brulee", which are now on sale at Mini Sof. The price is 540 yen (tax included).

The hot and mellow "Taiwan honey potato" is topped with rich custard sauce, bittersweet caramel sauce, and roasted sugar that makes the crunchy texture addictive. It is a sweet that you can enjoy the heat and cold finished in a creme brulee style. You can enjoy the exquisite harmony of soft serve vanilla and Taiwanese honey potatoes, each of which gently melts with creme brulee.

Mini Sof "Taiwan Honey Potato Brulee Soft Cream"

Nomu Taiwan honey potato

Mini soft drink Taiwanese honey potato

"Taiwan honey potato" is used with the skin. It is mixed with soft serve vanilla and Hokkaido specialty milk. The melty texture is exactly "drinkable roasted sweet potato". Taking advantage of the original sweetness of the material, it is finished in a rich yet refreshing sweetness. The price is 490 yen (tax included).