"Okara yogurt cake" recipe

Here are three "Okara sweets recipes" that the En-eating editorial department actually made and were delicious. "Okara yogurt cake" and "tofu okara gateau chocolate". * Click each recipe name link to jump to the detailed article page

Okara yogurt cake

Here are some recipes for " okara yogurt cake " that are recommended for people on a diet. Healthy tailoring with okara and yogurt without using cream cheese or fresh cream! With a moist and smooth texture, the texture is fluffy and ephemeral, like a rare cheesecake or cheese souffle.

"Okara yogurt cake" recipe

Tofu Okara Gateau Chocolate

Introducing the " Tofu Okara Gateau Chocolate " recipe that uses tofu and okara to remove calories and guilt as much as possible! It's a healthy chocolate cake, but the taste is moist and chewy. It has the flavor of tofu, but if you like tofu, you can feel the aroma of beans.

"Tofu Okara Gateau Chocolate" Recipe

Okara banana cake

Introducing the " Okara Banana Cake " recipe. For a snack while on a diet or when you want to refrain from sugar as much as possible! Since it uses a pancake mix, it is easy to weigh, and you can make it quickly because you just mix the ingredients and bake. The mellow sweetness of bananas and the aroma of wheat spread in your mouth.

"Okara banana cake" recipe