Soup Harusame Derihapi! A lot of cheese

Acecook will release "Soup Harusame Derihapi! Cheese Full" on December 6th. The estimated price is 167 yen (excluding tax).

Soup Harusame Derihapi! A lot of cheese

From the "Soup Harusame Derihapi!" Series, which has a strong commitment and impact, a new product with the theme of "cheese", which is popular with a wide range of generations, has appeared. With plenty of cheese that melts into the soup, the aroma and mellowness spread throughout your mouth every time you sip vermicelli. A perfect cup for the cold season, where you can enjoy cheese both in appearance and taste.

The noodles are smooth and have a chewy texture. It is made with a focus on compatibility with soup. The rehydration time is 3 minutes.

The soup is a spicy miso soup based on chicken and pork with chili and flavored vegetables. By adding the attached sprinkle, the soup has a mellow cheese flavor and richness. Kayaku is soybean soboro, green onion, and chili pepper with a good texture.

The package has a warm design that makes you want to eat it in cold weather. The words "A lot of cheese" are drawn on the front.