"Mochi Ahijo" recipe

Here are three "Ahijo recipes" that the En-eating editorial department actually made and were delicious. "Mochi Ahijo" and "Tuna and Green Onion Ahijo". * Click each recipe name link to jump to a detailed article

Tuna and green onion ajillo

Introducing the recipe for " Tuna and Green Onion Ajillo ". The taste of tuna, the aroma of salty sauce, the aroma of garlic, the spiciness of hawk's claws, and the sweetness of green onions are all incredibly delicious!

Recipe for "Tuna and Green Onion Ajillo"

Mochi Ahijo

A " mochi ajillo " recipe that is also recommended for consuming excess mochi. A voluminous appetizer with a crispy surface and a chewy texture inside, with the flavor of garlic and the spiciness of red pepper.

"Mochi Ahijo" recipe

Hanpen Ahijo

Introducing a simple recipe for " Hanpen Ajillo ". You can enjoy the harmony of soft and plump hanpen, sweetened green onions, and fragrant Maitake mushrooms. The onions that have been cooked and sweetened with trolley and the fragrant Maitake mushrooms enhance the taste. You can also enjoy different textures.

Simple recipe for "Hanpen Ajillo"