Starbucks Reserve Christmas 2021

The Starbucks Reserve Christmas 2021 blend will be available on November 12th at Starbucks Reserve Roastery Tokyo, Starbucks Reserve stores nationwide, and online stores. "Roastery Holiday Flight Introduction" is also available at Roastery Tokyo.

Starbucks Reserve Christmas 2021

Coffee cultivated at Starbucks' own farm "Hacienda Arsasia Farm" and coffee from Sumatra at the peak of harvest are procured and aged using only carefully selected raw beans "Aged Sumatra", "Indonesia Aceh" with a strong taste A blend that combines these three types in a formulation that best complements the taste. It is a well-balanced taste with a bright impression that you can feel the sweetness reminiscent of orange marmalade and honey along with the pleasant spice of Aged Sumatra. The price is 250g (8.82oz), 3,672 yen (sold by weight from 100g (3.53oz) at the store).

Hacienda Arsasia Farm is a farm purchased by Starbucks in 2013 for the future of sustainable coffee on the slopes of Poás Volcano, Costa Rica. It's a symbol of Starbucks' love for coffee and its passion for coffee. The results of the research obtained there are open to coffee producers around the world free of charge, contributing to the protection of the future of coffee.

Roastery Holiday Flight Introduction

A product where you can enjoy drinking and comparing 3 types of coffee and bring back 2 types of coffee beans (sample size) with your favorite taste. You can fully enjoy the taste that varies depending on the production area and blend, with a Christmas mood. * Coffee provided varies depending on the season.

Starbucks Reserve Roastery Tokyo "Roastery Holiday Flight Introduction"

The sale period is from November 12th to December 25th. Prices start from 2,200 yen (price varies depending on the extraction device).