Relievedly more "beef sukiyaki bento"

Relievedly, the popular winter traditions "Beef Sukiyaki Bento" and "Meat-filled Beef Sukiyaki Bento" will be released on November 18th for the cold season.

Beef sukiyaki bento

A very popular menu with a sales record of over 5 million meals will be released this year as well. Chinese cabbage, onions, and green onions, which are in season in winter, are combined to make it possible to consume half the amount of vegetables required per day. * The Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare "Health Japan 21 (Second)" sets an average daily vegetable intake of 350g (12.35oz).

Relievedly more "beef sukiyaki bento"

The special sauce made by adding sugar and mirin to the brewed soy sauce has a taste of rice. Plenty of vegetables with sweet soy sauce and sukiyaki's standard ingredients such as cotton tofu, shirataki noodles, and beef are simmered together. The price is 590 yen (tax included).

Extra meat beef sukiyaki bento

For those who say "meat is solid!", We also have a lineup of "meat-filled beef sukiyaki bento" that doubles the amount of beef. You can enjoy plenty of meat and vegetables. The price is 790 yen (tax included). A raw egg that goes well with sukiyaki is also sold for an additional 60 yen.

Relievedly more "meat-filled beef sukiyaki bento"