Atami's strawberry sweets specialty store "Ichigo BonBonBERRY ATAMI HOUSE."

At Atami's strawberry sweets specialty store "Strawberry BonBonBERRY ATAMI HOUSE.", "Strawberry Daidai Daidai Daidai Daidai Daifuku" with 10 Daifuku, "Strawberry Short Cake Daifuku", "Strawberry Daifuku", "Drink "Warabi Mochi Strawberry Milk" will be released on November 12th.

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Ichigo BonBonBERRY ATAMI HOUSE. "Strawberry Dai Dai Dai Dai Dai Dai Dai Daifuku"

"Surprising size" ichigo daifuku with 10 daifuku wrapped in fertilizer. Inspired by Atami's famous sea fireworks, it was developed with the image of a "fireworks ball". About 15 strawberries are topped on Daifuku, and 10 Daifuku, cream, and strawberries are packed inside. The price is 5,000 yen (tax included, same below). Reservations are required at least 3 days in advance. Consultation is required for To go.

Strawberry shortcake Daifuku

Ichigo BonBonBERRY ATAMI HOUSE. "Strawberry Shortcake Daifuku"

Daifuku is a sweets-based Daifuku with the classic strawberry sweets "Strawberry Shortcake" wrapped in fertilizer. It's perfect for both Japanese and Western sweets, and is recommended for a wide range of customers. The price is 480 yen.

Ichigo Daifuku

Ichigo BonBonBERRY ATAMI HOUSE. "Ichigo Daifuku"

Daifuku is a long-established Japanese confectionery shop "Mataichian" founded in the 4th year of the Meiji era in Shizuoka, which celebrated its 150th anniversary. Wrapped in mochi mochi is mashed bean paste made from Hokkaido-produced Erimo azuki beans. The price is 324 yen.

Warabimochi strawberry milk to drink

Strawberry BonBonBERRY ATAMI HOUSE. "Drinking Warabimochi Strawberry Milk"

Strawberry milk with brown sugar warabi mochi with a "mochipuru" texture. With plenty of whipped cream and berry sauce, it is a sweet drink that you can enjoy like a dessert. The price is 620 yen.


The entire building was completely renovated and opened in 2019 as Atami's first strawberry sweets specialty store. Each floor has a theme based on the concept of "Strawberry Sweets Dream Atelier", and different interior designs express the cute world of strawberries. To go sweets and souvenirs are sold on the 1st floor, a workshop is on the 2nd floor, and an eat-in space with a photo spot is prepared on the 3rd and 4th floors, and cafe menus are sold.