Recipe "Mushroom peperoncino style stir fry"

Here is a summary of the "mushroom recipes" that the En-eating editorial department actually made and was delicious. "Mushroom bread crumbs & parsley grilled" and "Mushroom peperoncino style stir-fry". * Click each recipe name link to jump to the detailed recipe article

Stir-fried mushrooms in Peperoncino style

Introducing the recipe for "stir-frying mushrooms in a peperoncino style " with garlic and hawk claws. The wild flavor of mushrooms, which is large and crunchy, matches the rich flavor of salted squid! The garlic flavor and slight spiciness make it a perfect snack for sake.

Recipe "Mushroom peperoncino style stir fry"

Breaded mushrooms & parsley

Introducing the recipe for " Mushroom bread crumbs & parsley grilled ", a snack using mushrooms. A simple recipe just to bake in a toaster! The flavor of garlic and plenty of olive oil is also effective, making it perfect as a snack! When you get a fresh mushroom, be sure to check it out.

"Mushroom bread crumbs & parsley grilled" recipe