Gong Cha "Handy TEA" NEW Straight Tea Trial Campaign ""

Gong Cha Japan will extend the ongoing "Handy TEA" NEW Straight Tea Trial Campaign "" due to its popularity. The end time is undecided.

Dominant TEA “NEW Straight Tea Trial Campaign”

The "Handed TEA" NEW Straight Tea Trial Campaign "" allows you to enjoy 5 types of Gong Cha straight tea at a campaign price of "200 yen". It has been well received, and with the extension of the period, it will be provided with HOT added to the existing ICED lineup.

The target menu is 5 types of straight tea. Alishan oolong tea, oolong tea, black tea (black tea), Earl Gray tea, jasmine green tea. ICED is a trial size, and HOT is S size. The price is 200 yen each (tax included).

At Gong Cha, tea is brewed every day at the store, and the inside of the store is surrounded by the refreshing aroma of tea. In September of this year, Gong Cha took the opportunity of the 6th anniversary of the landing in Japan and worked on the renewal of 5 kinds of original teas with the desire to deliver a special cup.

"Steamed tea leaves" was added to the process of brewing tea, and the method of pouring hot water on the tea leaves was changed. As a result, hot water is poured with the tea leaves firmly open, and the tea has been reborn as a strong, fragrant tea that allows you to enjoy the original taste of the tea.

* There is no campaign at the Gifu Matamaru store.
* Some tees are not available at some stores.