Sebastian Buyer Christmas Sweets

Sebastien Bouillet's Christmas desserts will be available from November 10th. An assortment of baked goods and macaroons will be sold at the official online shop. In addition, reservations for Christmas cakes are accepted at the store.

Coffret Diver

Sebastian Buyer Christmas Sweets

"Coffret Diver" is packed with cute stars and wreath-shaped baked goods. It comes in 6 pieces and the selling price is 2,268 yen (tax included, same below).

Named as a winter jewelry box in French, it features the appearance of colorful sweets lined up when the box is opened. There are three types that incorporate winter motifs, such as a sable that melts in your mouth, a cake that combines a refreshing lemon flavor with a light herb scent, and a florantan with a snowflake-like decoration. In addition, a cake dome and tartlet are included.

Macaron de veil

Sebastian Buyer Christmas Sweets

"Macaron de Veil" is a limited-time assortment of macaroons with Christmas-like colors such as red and pistachio green. It comes in 10 pieces and the selling price is 2,592 yen.

In addition to the appearance, the taste and the combination of ingredients are devised so that you can feel the freshness. For example, "Tejan Jumble" sandwiched with ginger-flavored black tea ganache is topped with Earl Gray tea leaves so that you can enjoy the aroma of black tea. In addition to this, you can enjoy a total of 5 flavors using black truffle ganache, pistachio, vanilla-flavored ganache, cacao nibs and macaron dough topped with chopped pistachio.

Sebastian Buyer Christmas Cake

Sebastian Buyer Christmas Sweets

Reservations for 5 types of Christmas cakes are accepted at the store. Same-day sales will be available from December 22nd to 25th.

The selling price is 5,400 yen for "Shortcake Noel" with strawberries and shanti, 4,860 yen for "Shortcake Noel Chocolat" with milk chocolate cream and strawberries, and "Odeon" with vanilla cream and macaroon dough in Christmas mousse. 4,320 yen, "Saband Noel" with a Christmas tree motif is 3,240 yen, and "Bush de Maron" with strawberry is 3,240 yen.