Western liquor chocolate "Apple brandy"

Check out all the new chocolates! "Strawberry Thunder", "Apple Brandy", "Amajukuou Banana Almond Chocolate", "Raw Chocolate Truffle Blissful Milk", "Raw Chocolate Truffle Luxury Cacao". * Click each product name link to jump to the detailed article page.

Strawberry Thunder

From the Yuraku Confectionery "Black Thunder" series, " Strawberry Thunder " will be released in advance at convenience stores. You can enjoy the royal taste of strawberries and chocolate with the crunchy texture peculiar to Black Thunder.

Black Thunder "Strawberry Thunder"

Apple brandy

Lotte will release the adult Western liquor chocolate " Apple Brandy ". A little adult Western liquor chocolate with diced apples pickled in apple brandy and raw chocolate with a scent of Western liquor.

Western liquor chocolate "Apple brandy"

Sweet-ripe king banana almond chocolate

The product " Amajuou Banana Almond Chocolate ", which is a collaboration between Ajigen and Sumiful Japan, is being released nationwide. When eaten, the mellow aroma and taste of bananas and the aroma of almonds are united and spread throughout the mouth.

Ajigen and Sumiful Japan collaborate on "Amajuou Banana Almond Chocolate"

Raw chocolate truffle blissful milk

Bourbon will relaunch " Raw Chocolate Truffle Blissful Milk " and "Raw Chocolate Truffle Luxury Cacao". The chocolate on the outside is made as thin as possible so that you can fully enjoy the raw chocolate in the center.

Bourbon "Raw chocolate truffle blissful milk"