Morinaga & Co. "Amaou Strawberry Cake" "Angel Pie [Strawberry]" "Amaou Strawberry Twig" "Amaou Strawberry Twig Tea Time Pack"

Morinaga & Co. will release "Amaou Strawberry Cake," "Angel Pie [Strawberry]," "Amaou Strawberry Twig," and "Amaou Strawberry Twig Tea Time Pack." Both are for a limited time from November 16th.

Amaou strawberry cake

A chocolate cake made by wrapping cream with Amaou strawberry confiture in a moist soft cake and mellow chocolate. You can enjoy the taste of sweet and sour Amaou strawberry. Contains 6 pieces. The price is open.

Angel pie [strawberry]

Strawberry-flavored fluffy marshmallows are sandwiched with biscuits and coated with chocolate. You can enjoy the sweetness of sweet and sour fresh strawberry-flavored marshmallows and chocolate. Contains 8 pieces. The price is open.

Amaou strawberry twig

Sweet and sour strawberry-flavored twigs using Amaou strawberry powder from Fukuoka prefecture. You can enjoy the exquisite combination of chocolate, puffs and biscuits and the crispy texture. Contains 44 bottles (4 bottles x 11 bags). The estimated price is 194 yen (tax included).

Amaou Strawberry Twig Tea Time Pack

Contains 116g (4.09oz) of "Amaou Strawberry Twig". The price is open.