Yuraku Confectionery "Strawberry Thunder"

From the Yuraku Confectionery "Black Thunder" series, "Strawberry Thunder" will be released in advance at convenience stores on November 15th. It will be released on November 29th at supermarkets and drug stores nationwide. The content is 1 bottle (standard 21g (0.74oz)), and the estimated price is 43 yen (tax included).

Strawberry Thunder

This time, we have commercialized "strawberry flavor", which is a popular fruit for a wide range of generations, in line with the arrival of the strawberry season. For December, when strawberries become delicious, you can enjoy the royal taste of strawberries and chocolate with the crunchy texture peculiar to Black Thunder. A familiar classic taste that makes you feel nostalgic.

The chocolate coating is manufactured by a method different from that of normal Black Thunder. By attaching chocolate only to the bottom, you can enjoy the sweet and sour taste of strawberries while maintaining the original crunchy texture of Black Thunder, while enjoying the sense of unity with the gentle sweetness of milk chocolate. It was made with particular attention to each balance.

Yuraku Confectionery "Strawberry Thunder"

It also features a cute pink appearance that is a bit different from the classic Black Thunder. The sweet and sour taste and gorgeous scent of strawberry-flavored chocolate and freeze-dried strawberry are full of the charm of strawberry in both taste and appearance.