From "Tanegashima Anno Imo Pudding" Kyodo Milk Industry

From Kyodo Milk Industry's "Regional Specialty Material Pudding Series", a new product "Tanegashima Anno Imo Pudding" that utilizes the taste of Anno Imo's ingredients will be released on November 22nd. For a limited time. The estimated price is 115 yen (excluding tax).

Tanegashima Anno potato pudding

"Tanegashima Anno Imo Pudding" is a pudding made from Anno Imo from Tanegashima, Kagoshima Prefecture, the birthplace of sweet potatoes. The point of the taste is the "sticky texture" peculiar to Anno potatoes and the sweetness that you feel after eating roasted sweet potatoes. With a smooth texture and creamy texture that melts when you put it in your mouth, it is finished in a gentle sweetness that makes you want to taste it slowly bit by bit.