Mister Donut Pokemon Tsuyoshiko Glass

"Pokemon Tsuyoiko Glass" will be on sale as a merchandise for Mister Donut "Missed Pokemon Kids Set".

Pokemon Tsuyoiko Glass

You can choose from two types of "Pokemon Tsuyoiko Glass": "colorful" where cute Pokemon are showing their faces through colorful windows, and "doughnuts" where donuts and Pokemon are lined up alternately. In addition to the popular Pokemon "Pikachu", illustrations of the Pokemon "Turtwig", "Chimchar", and "Piplup" appearing in the Nintendo Switch software "Pokemon Brilliant Diamond Shining Pearl" are drawn around the glass. Limited quantity sale from November 12th.

Mister Donut Pokemon Tsuyoshiko Glass

Mister Donut Pokemon Tsuyoshiko Glass

The price of "Mister Donut Kids Set" is 280 yen for To go and 282 yen for eat-in (tax included). It will be provided in an original paper bag with the Pokemon that appears in "Pokemon Brilliant Diamond Shining Pearl" drawn on it.

Missed Pokemon Kids Set

Strong glass

Tsuyoshiko Glass is a glass for children that has a constriction and is easy to hold, which was developed from the viewpoint of "food education" that wants you to touch real glass from a young age. We have collaborated with various characters as an original design of Mister Donut.

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