Heartbread Antique Black Friday Bread

At the bakery "Heartbread Antique", "Black Friday Chocolate Ring", "Zeppin !! Croissant Black", "Black Melonpan", "Chocolate in Baum", and "Makuro! Chocolate Rusk" will be held on November 19th. Will be on sale from November 28th.

Black friday chocolate ring

Black Friday limited chocolate ring is now available in the "Magical Chocolate Ring", a heartbread antique signboard product. Magical chocolate chips are wrapped in black cocoa dough and baked, and almonds are sprinkled on the finish to make it fragrant. You can enjoy the bitter flavor of black cocoa and the sweetness of chocolate. The price is 421 yen per piece (tax included, same below).

Heartbread Antique "Black Friday Chocolate Ring"

Zeppen !! Croissant Black

Black Friday limited flavor of "Zeppin !! Croissant". French fermented butter is kneaded into the dough with black cocoa added to create a croissant with the bitter flavor of black cocoa and rich butter. The outside is crispy and the inside is fluffy. The price is 96 yen per piece, named after "black".

Heartbread Antique "Zeppin !! Croissant Black"

Black melon bread

Melon bread baked by squeezing chocolate biscuit cream on sweet bun dough. You can enjoy a slightly bitter flavor and a different texture that is crispy and fluffy. Recommended for breakfast or when you are hungry. The price is 151 yen per piece.

Heartbread antique "black melon bread"

Chocolate in baum

A combination of fluffy chocolate baumkuchen and rich chocolate cream. You can eat it as it is, but when you warm it, the chocolate melts and you can enjoy a richer taste. The price is 388 yen per piece.

Heartbread antique "chocolate in baum"

Makuro! Chocolate-covered rusks

The dough and chocolate are all black, and you can enjoy rich chocolate. French bread kneaded with black cocoa is baked crispy and black chocolate is applied. The price is 108 yen per sheet and 1,080 yen for 10 sheets. Limited quantity, will end as soon as it runs out.

Heartbread Antique "Makuro! Chocolate Rusk"

* Prices are different for all products and some stores.