Cafe & Books Bibliotheque "Snow Milky Cream Christmas" Whey "Pancake Gentle Strawberry Sauce"

The Christmas fair "THE CHRISTMAS STORY of bibliotheque" will be held from November 10th to December 25th at each Cafe & Books Bibliotheque store.

Snow milky cream Christmas "whey" pancakes with a gentle strawberry sauce

For the Vibrio Take pancakes, we used "whey", which was supposed to be discarded. Whey is a by-product of the process of making cheese and yogurt. While making cheese from raw milk, nearly 90% of it becomes whey, but the current situation is that it has little use and is discarded. "Whey pancakes" were made with the desire to reduce this food loss as much as possible.

Cafe & Books Bibliotheque Whey Utilization

At Bibliotheque, whey is divided from Awajishima Cheese Studio and used for pancakes and sauces. By using whey, the pancakes will be plump and chewy, and the topping cream will have a smoother and lighter taste.

Awajishima Cheese Studio's whey is also used for "Snow Milky Cream Christmas" Whey "Pancake Gentle Strawberry Sauce". Finished with a light milky cream and strawberry sauce. A dish that combines a mousse with a slight whey scent and a strawberry sauce accented with the richness of white chocolate and the sweet and sour taste of strawberries. The price is 1,700 yen (tax included).

Cafe & Books Bibliotheque "Snow Milky Cream Christmas" Whey "Pancake Gentle Strawberry Sauce"

Christmas strawberry shortcake with special cream

Bibliotheque's classic shortcake is now even more delicious. The special fresh cream that has been repeatedly prototyped by changing the type and composition is used. The sweet and sour strawberry confiture and fresh strawberries are luxuriously blended inside, and almonds are added as an accent. The price is 880 yen (tax included).

Cafe & Books Bibliotheque "Christmas Strawberry Shortcake with Special Cream"

Christmas bush de noel with rich chocolate and vanilla mousse

Bush de Noel is characterized by its appearance like a wood stump. Carefully finished with rich bitter chocolate, vanilla mousse and sweet and sour framboise. Arranged in the image of a Christmas wreath. The price is 850 yen (tax included).

Cafe & Books Bibliotheque "Christmas Bush de Noel with Rich Chocolate and Vanilla Mousse"

Luxury Christmas plate of "Christmas short" and "Bush de Noel"

A luxurious Christmas plate for those who want to eat this and that. You can enjoy a Christmas shortcake with a special cream, a rich bush de noel, and a tree-style plate-only parfait with plenty of mellow pistachio cream. The price is 1,600 yen (tax included).

Cafe & Books Bibliotheque "Luxury Christmas Plates for" Christmas Short "and" Bush de Noel ""